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July 03, 2019
By Admin

From: New Mexico Acitivites Association


Most high school students spend their downtime hanging out with friends, playing video games or just relaxing. For Austin Wilson, most of that is true but the Rehoboth Christian junior is most comfortable with an instrument in his hands.

Since Kindergarten, Wilson has attended Rehoboth Christian and says he has enjoyed the small school atmosphere and made some life-long friendships along the way.

“Rehoboth Christian is much more to me than a school. It is like a second family. The teachers here are very open and my relationships with those teachers over the years mean so much. I have also developed some great friendships. I like the small school atmosphere.”

Wilson has played varsity soccer for the Lynx since the eighth-grade, commenting that he has learned much more than how to play a game.

“I enjoy playing soccer for a few reasons. Obviously, I love the game itself but the relationships I have built with my teammates and coaches are important to me as well. So far, I’ve had some tremendous experiences.”

He continued by saying, “I have learned more about life, setting goals and how to achieve those goals. The coaches have really helped not only myself but the entire team see the bigger picture and helped me mature into the person I am today.”

Music, however, is Wilson’s true passion. It started at the young age when his father, who plays the drums, taught him how to jam out on his own.

“As a young kid, my dad played the drums so he taught me and for a long time, the drums were the instrument I knew the best. Then I started to play piano in the third grade at Rehoboth and also the saxophone.”

Then, about four years ago, a unique opportunity presented itself to Wilson to start a band with kids from his church and the four-man group, “Students of the New School,” has been bringing their music to youth all across the region ever since.

“We started the band with my friends four years ago, playing at the church and as word spread about our group we were invited to play in Albuquerque, Denver, Phoenix and even Mexico. We play for youth groups mainly and here at the school. We don’t charge a fee; we just like to play and provide worship music for the kids.”

He continued by saying, “I put a lot of time and effort into my music and I would never have imagined that I would get more out of the experience than I’m putting into it. The guys in my band are some of my closest friends, while at the same time I love playing for other people and seeing how our music can change lives.”

The group is also involved in a street ministry in Gallup every Saturday, called “The 180”. The free concert is open to everybody and Wilson says it is an opportunity to give people who may be struggling with something in their lives a chance at a fresh start and a better life.

“The street ministry started with my church and the main purpose is to preach to the gospel, focusing on an anti-drug campaign. We just want to help people that need help and give them a chance for a better life.”

Wilson is not exactly sure what the future holds for him but he hopes to attend college after high school and major in business management. He also said that he would like to continue traveling the area with his band and possibly one day be a missionary overseas.

Art Contest Winners

May 28, 2019
By Admin

Last month Mrs. Newell and Mr. Yazzie entered Student Art into two Art Shows. One was sponsored by Southwest Indian Foundation and the other one was sponsored by Artsco, Inc. in Monument Valley, Utah. 

The Artsco winners were:

  • Asher Arviso and Zoe Claw won 1st place in the 5th Grade Division.
  • Evelynn De Young won 3rd place in the 1st Grade Division.
  • Trajen West won 3rd place in the 4th Grade Division.
  • Neil OneSalt won 3rd place in the 8th Grade Division.
  • Mark Delgado won the Special Award in the 9th Grade Division.
  • Megan Shorty won the Special Award in the 1st Grade Division.
  • Diedra Talisman won 3rd place in the 10th Grade Division.

The Southwest Indian Foundation winners were:

  • Cayleen Hurley- Honorable Mention.
  • Sampson Newell- Honorable Mention.
  • David Copley- Honorable Mention.
  • Talon West- Honorable Mention.
  • Jessica Situ- Honorable Mention.

We praise our Creator God for the Rehoboth Christian School representation these art students made. We praise our Creator God for all the student art work entered from our school.

The student winners received awards for their efforts.

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